Five years

4 Sep

The fifth anniversary gift is traditionally wood or silverware.

Obvious and childish forest jokes aside, today marks the fifth anniversary of my permanent move to Athens to live with my partner Jace.

I initially met the move with a great deal of homesickness.  I was moving to a new world, with my boyfriend of only three and a half months, in a place 750 miles from anyone or anything else I knew very well.  I spent much of the first two weeks of my time here pretty introspectively and loner-ish.

About 10 days after my move, I made one of the best decisions of my life:  I called back the assistant manager of the local Kroger store, who I interviewed with back in July when I thought THAT was when I was making my permanent move.  It turns out that he still had room for me, and I went in to fill out my paperwork, and I’ve been employed there ever since.

All in all, I’ve learned to love the Classic City for everything it is — to the delightful “townies” who attempt to protect their town from the incursion of unwelcome football fanatics, to the students themselves whose population almost entirely has turned over in my time here, and most especially to my co-workers and the friends of Jace that I’ve met while I’m here.

Many things have changed about me while I’ve been here, some I’ll go into in later entries of the blog.  But I’m still me, if not a little bit more Classic than before.


One Response to “Five years”

  1. Brandon Foreman September 4, 2011 at 1:44 pm #

    Congrats on the five year anniversary with Jace.
    I guess Athens is an interesting place to stay 😀

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