TalkBack: Your 9/11 story

4 Sep

In my last post I told my 9/11 story.  What’s yours?


2 Responses to “TalkBack: Your 9/11 story”

  1. Brandon Foreman September 4, 2011 at 12:36 pm #

    It was just a simple day in High School for me. I was in my psychology class and we are about to take a test until some teacher knocked on the classroom room and then told the teacher to turn on the TV to CNN. From what me and what everyone saw, it was just unreal. It was a huge diasater to see one of the Twin Towers burning and people were jumping out of the building. However, when the second tower was hit by the plane and then I knew that some was going down. It was really sad and it was so graphic to see this act of terror. The test was cancelled and the teacher talked about what could be going through the people’s minds who were New York at the time of the attack. I could only imagine that their minds were blown completely away.

  2. Jaguwar September 5, 2011 at 12:44 am #

    I was at home with my two older daughters, who were 5 and 6 at the time (Tai wasn’t born yet). Because we homeschooled, they were in the great room with me. I remember it was an absolutely gorgeous day in Atlanta, same as New York. I had the tv on CNN as usual when the anchors broke off mid speech. They told us they had breaking news, they were going to their NY affiliate with news of what appeared to be a plane crash into one of the twin towers.

    The unreality of the video struck dissociation, where I wondered if this were real.

    Then the second plane hit.
    So much for the accident, or the hoax. I stood up in shock and stared for a long time. I never saw the people jumping out of the windows; the reports were bad enough. Besides, the kids were around. In fact, I had to decided whether or not they should see. In the end, I decided this was history in the making and likely a world changing event, they might as well discuss it live with me around, before some kid mentioned it or they overheard adult conversation.

    It was a difficult week. I couldn’t stay away from the news channels. The immediate aftermath was an emotional roller coaster. The positive stories uplifted, while the continued horror became almost numbing.

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