Former NBA player comes out … or not

6 Dec

For the basis of this conversation, I refer you to former NBA player Von Wafer’s Twitter feed.

Wafer, who played last season for the Boston Celtics and will play the coming season in Italy, was surprised to land on a flight back to the U.S. today and find that he had been made the latest gay professional athlete to come out of the closet, apparently by a tricky friend.

Early Monday, the following post (since deleted) appeared on Wafer’s Twitter:

“I just wanna be gay,I wanna be honest with y’all… I like mens since I was like 15yo , dont be mad ppl on me cuz I still wanna have friends”

Sports and gay media all jumped on the case, pondering whether Wafer had just come out or had been the victim of a hacking.

Much like the original issue, the answer came by way of a series of posts made to Wafer’s Twitter approximately seven hours ago.  I will post them in sensible order instead of the timeline order they appear in on Twitter.  I will edit for profane language but not spelling.

who the f— is writing on my twitter who ever doin that thats not cool forreal i jus get too the usa and i see this on my twitter

come on man stop playing that nots funny forreal

i cant believe u did that forreal bro come on man i am not gay and i dont have anything against gay people i jus want too say sorry my

teammate sent those tweets out this is somethin that is serious and not a laughing matter i am sorry too anyone who was offended this was a

very very very very sick joke that i dont find 1 bit funny once again im sorry

man im so dame hot rt now when everythings goin good in life some dumb shit happens

Okay, so here’s my thoughts on this situation.

First, Mr. Wafer should change his password, obviously.

Second, Twitter and Facebook hacking happens to the best of us, and I give Von Wafer a ton of credit for the number of times he apologized to his followers for the comments (three).

Third, I’m sure there will be some investigation on the NBA’s part whether the teammate in question was from his days with the Celtics or in Italy, and it is my hope that if the perpetrator is discovered he be punished for his activity.

Fourth, looking at some of the replies Wafer received as a result of the hacked tweet, it reminds me yet again how idiotic people can get when they are hiding behind computer screens.


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