Three of my favorite Internet timewasters

6 Dec

Like most everyone else, I use the Internet for legitimate purposes — email, Facebook, blogging — but occasionally I surf around looking for things to pass the time.

The three websites I’m going to link here are probably not new to many of you but I figure I will share them anyway, because it’s my blog and I wanna!

First, Lamebook.  Lamebook’s contributers find funny, ironic, or inappropriate Facebook statuses or photos posted by individuals and post them on the site for all of us to point and laugh at.  I don’t check it every day, but I end up losing an hour every time I decide to wander through and catch up.

Second is Damn You Auto Correct.  As mentioned in my last entry, Damn You Auto Correct just turned one year old.  As the name suggests, DYAC takes the funny things that AutoCorrect on iPhone makes you say, and posts them for us to giggle at.

Third is my most recent find, Passive Aggressive Notes.  P.A.N. is actually a sister blog of Lamebook.  P.A.N. features notes that people have posted that are vaguely threatening related to any and all topics.

Now that this blog is posted…it’s time for me to go waste time on the Internet now!


One Response to “Three of my favorite Internet timewasters”

  1. Brandon December 6, 2011 at 6:40 am #

    I heard of “Damn You Auto Correct” before.
    I also heard of “Lamebook” too but I thought it was a joke :P. It looks funny though.

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