Book review: How I Got This Way

15 Jan

For Christmas, I received, among other things, two books.  I’ll publish my thoughts on them here.

I start with How I Got This Way, a memoir by recently-departed LIVE! with Regis and Kelly host Regis Philbin.

Philbin reflects on his career thus far through people who have influenced it.  These range from the Marine drill sergeant who first encouraged him to actually follow his dreams to his most recent LIVE! co-host, Kelly Ripa, and many in between.

Regis had a bit of a place in my life growing up because my mom used to watch LIVE! most mornings.  I have very specific memories of being at our cottage in northern Michigan where we only got ABC, NBC, and CBS, and watching Regis’ near-patented “host chat” segment each day.  Watching his final show last month therefore had a bit of a bittersweet effect on me and caused me to dash off a reminiscent email to my own mother.

Regis RENT farewell

A tribute from the cast of RENT on Regis’ last show

For someone with a lifelong affection for journalism and broadcasting, I found the book to be a good read.  Sometimes people who make their living speaking lose their “voice” when translated to the written word, but Regis did a great job with the book.


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