Election 2012: Obama wins again, people fall off their rockers

8 Nov

On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama won his second term in the White House.  Those I chose to celebrate Election Night and I were quite pleased with the result.

I kept tabs on my Facebook friends’ reactions and coming from a largely-conservative area of Michigan there are several conservatives among my friends.

I’m open to everyone’s ideas and thoughts, and I’m not easily offended.  However, a friend who posted a status likening the re-election of President Obama to the events of 9/11 went WAY too far for me.  All in all, the post-election cycle has actually brought more vitriol to my social media platforms than was even present during the campaign itself.

On election day, I told my friends that I don’t give a rat’s patoot who they vote for, just vote.  And that’s true.  But I despise the hate shown by people I had chosen to call my friends.

You didn’t see me bitching when the majority chose to re-elect Bush eight years ago.  Even the members of my family, many of whom voted for Gov. Romney on Tuesday, agreed that Pres. Obama is our President and deserves, like we all do, to do his job with our support and respect.


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