Boston aftermath

22 Apr

The days in the aftermath of last Monday’s deadly bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon brought to mind the days after 9/11 — looking over our shoulders, waiting for the next shoe to drop, wondering when “normal” would return again.

When an MIT police officer was shot and killed late Thursday, it touched off a surreal manhunt that paralyzed Massachusetts for most of Friday.  Sure, one of the suspects was killed Friday morning, but there was still another guy on the loose that police spent most of the day looking for.

Friday night, the news broke.  Suspect #2 in custody.  No more death, no more (new) suffering.

I give kudos to the government, the police, the FBI, and all those first-responders who kept the death toll as low as possible.  I also give kudos to the fellow who stepped outside Friday night to have a smoke when the “shelter-in-place” that had gripped the region was lifted, and discovered the fellow in his boat.

So now we return to our sense of “normal,” or the new normal in place after the bombings.  We mourn, we grieve, but now, most importantly, we heal.


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