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‘Then shut it down’

6 Oct

You may have had to be operating from an under-rock locale not to know that the U.S. government has been shut down since October 1, because of Congress’s inability or lack of desire to pass a budget.  I say “lack of desire” because Congress and the President have been able to agree on a budget all but 19 times that the question has come up since 1976.   Continue reading


Boston aftermath

22 Apr

The days in the aftermath of last Monday’s deadly bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon brought to mind the days after 9/11 — looking over our shoulders, waiting for the next shoe to drop, wondering when “normal” would return again.

When an MIT police officer was shot and killed late Thursday, it touched off a surreal manhunt that paralyzed Massachusetts for most of Friday.  Sure, one of the suspects was killed Friday morning, but there was still another guy on the loose that police spent most of the day looking for. Continue reading

Look for the helpers

16 Apr

I know this image and images like it have been going around since Monday afternoon, but it’s worth sharing this morning.



16 Apr

They were men and women.

They were mothers and fathers.  They were children.

They were American.  They were Kenyan, Ugandan, and Indian.

They were runners.  They were spectators.

These were not soldiers in a war or residents of some far off country where IEDs are commonplace occurrences.  These were runners, spectators, and people just doing their jobs in Boston.

This morning, the families of at least three individuals are mourning their losses in the bombings at the Boston Marathon yesterday.  The families of at least another 144 individuals are hoping for the best as they deal with traumatic injuries. Continue reading

Ethical journalism?

14 Jan

I’m a journalist.  I’ve written for my high school newspaper, my own online publication, as well as The GA Voice.  I’ve reported for my high school radio station.  Many times I’ve covered delicate stories that require some degree of grace and tact. Continue reading

Randomblings: Random ramblings on your Wednesday

28 Nov

Wow, my attempt at National Blog Posting Month this year amounted to a gigantic fail.

I need to make a pledge to myself, and whoever follows this blog:  I will post at least once per week going forward.  Daily is clearly too much for me to handle so I’m not even going to promise that.

That being said, let’s get down to brass tacks, as they say.

Continue reading

Election 2012: Obama wins again, people fall off their rockers

8 Nov

On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama won his second term in the White House.  Those I chose to celebrate Election Night and I were quite pleased with the result.

I kept tabs on my Facebook friends’ reactions and coming from a largely-conservative area of Michigan there are several conservatives among my friends.

I’m open to everyone’s ideas and thoughts, and I’m not easily offended.  However, a friend who posted a status likening the re-election of President Obama to the events of 9/11 went WAY too far for me.  All in all, the post-election cycle has actually brought more vitriol to my social media platforms than was even present during the campaign itself.

On election day, I told my friends that I don’t give a rat’s patoot who they vote for, just vote.  And that’s true.  But I despise the hate shown by people I had chosen to call my friends.

You didn’t see me bitching when the majority chose to re-elect Bush eight years ago.  Even the members of my family, many of whom voted for Gov. Romney on Tuesday, agreed that Pres. Obama is our President and deserves, like we all do, to do his job with our support and respect.