What’s in a name?

5 Sep

For many people, there are great stories stretching back 69246237841 years as to how they got their names.

For me, there’s not so much history with my name but I’ve never had a problem with it.

Brian is an Irish name meaning “high” or “noble.”  Neither of those are bad things, I guess.  I think it suits me pretty well, and I guess after 27+ years it better, whether I particularly care for it or not.

To fulfill the full responsibility of the blog prompt, I insert here that I [obviously] haven’t any children. 😛

TALKBACK:  So what do you think of your name?  Where’d you get it?  Tell me in the comments.

[Blog prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/daily-prompt-identity/]


The family: We’re an odd bunch

5 Sep

I was an only child.  I mean, really really an only child.  I was my parents’ only child, and my only uncle and my only aunt both had no children (well, my aunt did have a child, but she only lived for one day).

I had friends in Michigan, of course, but no one I really considered a brother or sister.

That all changed when I moved to Georgia. Continue reading


27 Apr

It was recently suggested to me by a trusted friend that I write a novel.  The novel will be presented as a series of “short stories” intended to mark milestones in my development as a gay man.

The blog you are currently reading is intended to be a professional blog with a largely G rating.  As you might imagine, some of the stories of my gay evolution are not particularly G rated, so I am separating them from this blog.

You can find these stories on my new DeviantArt page, here.

Boston aftermath

22 Apr

The days in the aftermath of last Monday’s deadly bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon brought to mind the days after 9/11 — looking over our shoulders, waiting for the next shoe to drop, wondering when “normal” would return again.

When an MIT police officer was shot and killed late Thursday, it touched off a surreal manhunt that paralyzed Massachusetts for most of Friday.  Sure, one of the suspects was killed Friday morning, but there was still another guy on the loose that police spent most of the day looking for. Continue reading

Look for the helpers

16 Apr

I know this image and images like it have been going around since Monday afternoon, but it’s worth sharing this morning.



16 Apr

They were men and women.

They were mothers and fathers.  They were children.

They were American.  They were Kenyan, Ugandan, and Indian.

They were runners.  They were spectators.

These were not soldiers in a war or residents of some far off country where IEDs are commonplace occurrences.  These were runners, spectators, and people just doing their jobs in Boston.

This morning, the families of at least three individuals are mourning their losses in the bombings at the Boston Marathon yesterday.  The families of at least another 144 individuals are hoping for the best as they deal with traumatic injuries. Continue reading

Ethical journalism?

14 Jan

I’m a journalist.  I’ve written for my high school newspaper, my own online publication, as well as The GA Voice.  I’ve reported for my high school radio station.  Many times I’ve covered delicate stories that require some degree of grace and tact. Continue reading